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about 2 years ago
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Assorted parts for Splendide WDC6200CEE Washer Dryer Unit. Entire lot $100.00 plus shipping.
After disassembly to troubleshoot - tub carriage failed ... Entire unit was working upon disassembly...the tub wouldn't spin...so we're going new.
Know these parts might be hard to find or expensive if you have a like unit you want to repair.
If it's in the photo and you need/want it - PM me- make a reasonable offer - Pay shipping and its yours!
May take me a week to box and ship.
Wiring harness is complete with sensors and locking mechanism. no part of it is cut.
Front loading seal is not torn but retaining spring needs replaced.
Door is less than a year old.
All parts are bought as you see them.
Gulfstar M53
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