Book - Adventures of Sail - Macintyre

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Book - Adventures of Sail - Macintyre
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Adventure of Sail - Coffee Table type book - $15.00 plus postage
Here is a classic "coffee table"-type book - heavy and large and full of drawings and color plates of famous ships during the period of 1520 to 1914.
You can read of the history and see the pictures of old Clipper and other ships.
Large - 12-1/2 inch x 10 inch x 1-1/2 inch and 256 pages.
Put together by Capt Donald Macintyre in 1970. New you are looking at $53.00 (Amazon) and used about $15.00.
Just the thing to read in order to be able to add depth and power to your discussions of sailing and cruising in "the Old Days." There is a wealth of knowledge and sea stories contained within its covers.
If you need something to give somebody for a holiday or other significant day of the year - here it is. If nothing else it is literally heavy and will hold down just about anything you put it on.
And at a very reasonable price.

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