Hebridean Wind Vane Self Steering - $350 obo

almost 2 years ago
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For sale: 75% completed Hebridean windvane. See website here Self-steering Servo-Pendulum Wind Vane Kit & Plans for DIY Kit for Sailors | www.windvaneselfsteering.co.uk
I spent a ton of time on this but in the end decided I wanted a self steering device that could double as an emergency rudder (which this does not). I'm kinda gutted I never got to see it work, but need to make room.
In Victoria, BC - would prefer local pickup as the blade is almost 5 feet long!
Completed Blade made of Iroko (expensive wood, professionally planed)
Completed Vane base
Completed structure
All the remaining stainless steel pieces + wood bits., including fasteners, threaded rod etc.
1 gallon of special 2 part UV resistant epoxy (I was going to coat the outside of the vane with this)
License + plastic bound plans + instructions
Still to do:
Make the actual vane at top
Some linkage
Probably around 10 hours of work left. Pretty much all the woodwork is done, and most of the stainless pieces (just two bits left).
Any questions please ask!