ITT Night Vision 160 Monocular Scope

over 3 years ago
ITT Night Vision 160 Monocular Scope
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This is one of my prize possessions that I used while cruising.
When you have one it can make all the difference between being able to enter or exit a poorly or totally unlit anchorage or harbor. I have used it many times in the Bahamas where "night sailing" can be rather adventurous.
Also entering and exiting their harbors where the supposedly lit markers have not operated in years if not decades - is made much more safely and confidently when you have an ITT Night Vision Scope.
And the thing is just plain fun to be able to "see" what is going on around you and your boat in the middle of the night.
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ITT Night Mariner 160 G3 (Third Generation) Night Vision Equipment
* * * * Used - $445.00 * * * *
Night vision equipment will completely change the way you think about boating at night, because you'll be able to see everything as if it was day. Find buoys, find your mooring, and see for sure just which way that tugboat and tow are headed. And you won't believe the stars you can see! Night vision scopes amplify the tiniest amount of light (we could see clearly in our photographer's "dark" room!); with either model, you'll see objects just 6 feet high at 250 yards. Monocular units are very light in weight, tough, water resistant, and they even FLOAT if dropped overboard. If you use your boat at night, or if you'd like to start, this really is a tool you should have.
ITT Night Mariner 160 Monocular Gen 3 (not a binocular) -- The new & improved 160 incorporates the same type of tube that is used in our military aviator goggles, resulting in a clearer and sharper image. The new 160 also incorporates a "quick-focus" feature allowing for easy, one-step focusing for the night vision user. This monocular is ideal for situations where you want the high performance of Generation 3 technology, but don't need all the advanced features of a Night Mariner binocular.
Features: Night Vision
Application: General Purpose, Hunting, Marine
Manufactored in the United States
Brand: ITT
Model: Night Mariner 160 Gen 3 Night Vision
Type: Monocular
Max Magnification: 1x
* * * * * * * * *
See the next listing for the companion ITT DXKIT of an IR Illuminator and telephoto lenses for the above ITT Night Vision 160 Scope.

1999 Monterey Cruiser 296 Used
Flowery Branch,GA,USA
2010 Monterey 280 SCR Used
Steamboat Springs,CO,USA
2004 Monterey 322 Used
2010 Sea Ray 270 SLX MERCURY cha...
Lake Placid,FL,USA