Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing (hardcover)

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Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing (hardcover)
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The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing
by Scott & Wendy Bannerot
List $34.95 / Net $20.00 (postage included)
'The definitive book' - "Cruising World". This is the complete guide to catching and cooking fish from the decks of a cruising boat. "The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing" gives you everything you need to know about catching fish in tropical or middle-latitude seas - from a cruising boat underway or at anchor, from a dinghy, in the surf, and while diving reefs. Step by step this richly detailed guide walks you through: choosing, using, and maintaining tackle, lures, hooks, leaders, and other rigging essentials; reading currents, wind, wave patterns, tides, water temperature, and atmospheric conditions; modifying vessels with cruise-fishing enhancements such as rod holders, outriggers, cleaning tables, bait wells, and platforms; tying the best knots for cruise fishing; and, avoiding and treating routine fishing injuries and poisoning - including vital information on ciguatera, venomous stings and punctures, and steering clear of dangerous predators; identifying hundreds of fish species; preparing your catch - including a range of easy and delectable recipes; and much more.
'A great 'catch' - "Sailing".
'You want to catch fish? Read this book' - Herb McCormick, editor, "Cruising World".
'Jam-packed with solid advice on tackle and techniques proven to catch fish' - Barry Gibson, editor, "Salt Water Sportsman".
'Every culture has its bible, and until now, there wasn't one for the voyager who had a passion for catching fish' - "Ocean Navigator."
'Scott and Wendy are giving their fellow sailors the gift of an abundant life on the sea' -
"Blue Water Sailing".
'A boatload of hard-earned knowledge and practical advice from a couple who has been there'
- "Latitudes and Attitudes"