Cruisair 16000 BTU Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner/Heater

10 months ago
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Unit is a 2010. Needs a new compressor. Given that I'm currently in Seattle, people say it's not meant for the cold water and air temps up here which is why I removed it. This would be good for anyone in a warm climate.
Had a professional look at it before I removed it from the boat and he said, "You have two options 1 - Cut out the old compressor and braze in a new one. Parts costs: about $750, which also involves swapping out the oil and flushing the entire refrigerant system as the replacement compressor uses a new freon blend (R-417 vs R-22). Labor about 4 hrs give or take a few. OR 2 - Replace the entire unit with another Cruisair 16K Turbo unit. Parts costs about $3400, labor about 6 hrs. Give or take a few."
So here it is....a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner with a broken compressor for sale. Send me your offers.

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