RACOR Filter Element Decals

over 2 years ago
RACOR Filter Element Decals
Doug Brown
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Tired of never knowing what size element you are using in your Racor?
So was I so I had a bunch made up so I could put one by the filter and one by the spare elements. The information is for the 2010 element but I believe the color coding and micron size is generic to their larger filters too.
These decals are approximately 2" x 4" in size and are printed on heavy duty UV proof white vinyl with 4 specific colors that match the Racor filter element colors.
Each decal shows the 3 different micron filter ratings, the elements factory color coding and the partial factory part number.
I have several left, so if you need more than one - you're in luck
Price is $5.00 for the first one which includes shipping. Each additional one is $4.00.
I can take PayPal.