Canon EOS M + 22mm f/2 lens + Extras

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FS:  Canon EOS M + 22mm f/2 lens + Extras
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Am reluctantly selling my Canon EOS M and a 22mm f/2 STM lens. The 22mm is a diminutive ‘pancake’-style lens with superb optical quality; reviewers have raved about it and justifiably so. The overall package of camera body + lens makes for an almost-pocketable package; the fast f/2 aperture is great for interior/available light photography; and the lens has surprisingly good bokeh for its wide-angle (the equivalent of a classic 35mm) field of view/FOV.
EOS-M + 22mm + accessories
Am also including some cool and useful extras -
* the soft red shutter release button -
* a very cool FlipBac grip (which you can see in the accompanying photos) that makes the camera much easier to hold/grip in multiple positions.
* not one but 2 extra third party batteries (made by Opteka) which are excellent quality - so you’ll never run out of juice on long shooting sessions or hikes.
EOS-M + 22mm + extras
* and finally a very cool small carrying case/belt pouch made by Cliq Elite - the perfect size for an EOS M, easy to wear either on a belt or to attach to the strap of another bag.
Cliq Elite Pouch/Bag
The combination of the APS-C Canon sensor - and a superb and tiny lens - make this a carry-anywhere camera capable of serious photography. This camera features updated firmware that mostly solves the slow AF/focus issues which plagued the initial release of the EOS M. It also can use Canon’s ingenious ‘back button focus’ - to assign autofocus functions to a different function button on the camera - so you can prefocus with one button and not have the act of pressing the shutter force an unnecessary last-moment refocus.
EOS M + 22mm f/2.0 lens
Another huge plus is the manual focus ring/manual focus ability of this lens - which allows precise close-up focusing.
Top view, looking down on the EOS M + 22mm pancake lens
The touchscreen controls are thoughtfully and intelligently designed. Though I've been traditionally more the kind of photographer who likes function buttons and dials, mastering and using the touchscreen was both easy, fun and addictive.
Rear view showing the LCD screen of the EOS M with the 22mm lens attached
I’m the 2nd owner; camera and lens have been used gently, never abused. The original box, software CD’s and user’s manual will accompany it. With its combination of tiny size, excellent APS-C sensor, good build quality and the superb optical IQ of this lens, this isn’t just a fancy point-and-shoot: it’s a serious tool for real photographers.
EOS M + 22mm lens atop Cliq pouch/bag, with lens cap on
ASKING PRICE: $295SHIPPING: $15 in the U.S., everywhere else negotiable.
NOTE: I will consider shipping anywhere, but due to the incredibly high costs of international shipping/packaging, it will be almost prohibitively expensive to ship anywhere but the U.S. or Canada.