Helios 44-2 58mm F2 M42 Lens + M42-Canon AF-confirm Adapter

about 3 years ago

        Helios 44-2 58mm F2 M42 Lens + M42-Canon AF-confirm Adapter
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Kirov, Russian Federation

Helios 44-2 lens is a classic 58mm lens that was produced as the kit prime on the Zenit-series russian SLR. Its production was stopped in early 90s, but the lens has found recognition among contemporary photographers. Some may consider Russian lenses brick-like but they are well constructed and not worse than recent plastic models. The lens has manual focus so you need to get used to. You will need to be creative with this lens and also need to be quick because of the manual focus. Fixed at 58 mm, with original bokeh and sharp imaging, it will be ideal for portraits, landscapes and in some cases for macro shooting. Helios 44-2 gives unique photos with beautiful, soft swirly bokeh in the background.
Taking portraits? This model will suits you perfectly! On APS-c systems the angle of view becomes narrower and the lens is converted into a decent aperture portrait lens. Helios 44-2 is an excellent budget choice for portraits - you get artistic pictures from the pure color reproduction, smooth background blur and bokeh effect. Lens features allow you to smooth out minor blemishes and make-contrast shadow transitions softer. Nevertheless, Helios 44-2 can also be used when shooting landscapes, when there is no need for clear details.
The lens is used but in Excellent condition!
Pictures upon request.
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