Sony A mount 70-400mm

over 3 years ago
Sony A mount 70-400mm
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Atlanta, GA, United States

This lens books at KEH at about $1300.00 but I have always thought KEH a touch on the high side. Adorama has one for $1089.00
I am offering mine up as wildlife just isn't my thing plus it seems I am slowly moving to Nikon. The lens is in very good condition with a few light marks on it but none are deep or go through the finish. Elements are perfect. You can see the reflection of my can lights and string of LEDS in the front element but as I said the glass is perfect. The rear has felt in it and it's bad to collect dust but nothing that can be cleaned. You can see it in the pictures.
I have no issues with the lens it works as it should. Just like any G series it's super sharp and smokes a Sigma in all ways. Be sure and calibrate the lens it makes a difference with every lens you own and only takes a few minutes to do.
Don't think you can use it with a teleconverter I tried it and it doesn't work well with one, just a warning.
Included is a camo protective cover. The hood, not pictured, also has a cameo cover. The lens comes with camo cover, caps, pouch and box as from the factory. $900.00 plus shipping CONUS.
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