Sony E-Mount Bonanza + Nissin i40

over 2 years ago
Sony E-Mount Bonanza + Nissin i40
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Weymouth, MA, United States

Hi guys, my GAS is your benefit. Happy with my RX100III for portable so going to try to a Nikon system because I've never had a DSLR before. Love this camera though and I already know I am going to regret my decision, but I can't afford both. Oh well. Here is what is for sale with prices and details.
Sony A6000 that includes: Box and all original accessories plus 2 OEM batteries and 2 aftermarket batteries and a Wasabi charger. Does not include eye cup ($7 bucks), lost it but never needed to replace it. Price: $400
Zeiss 1670z: In mint condition and its a great copy. I'd give it a 9/10 on cosmetics. Full hood, caps, warranty, leather bag etc with original box. Price: $625
Zeiss Sonnar 24 1.8z: The crown jewel of the E-Mount system this lens originally OEM'd at $1099. Its an insanely good lens and this one is in pristine condition. Lens itself is mint, but no hood, not that I've ever needed one. Price: $600
Sony SEL3518: Excellent, highly regarded lens for the system. Widely praised. Small, fast, quick AF and OSS. What's not to love? Includes original box, paperwork, and caps/hood. Price: $300
Sony SEL1628 with VCL-ECU1 .75x converter - Makes 16mm 12mm: Selling as a combo, have original boxes for both. Gives you the ability to get a 12mm field of view without spending $600 on the Zeiss. People love it. Price for both $150
Nissin i40 Sony Mount Flash: This is arguably the best flash for the Sony system and its incredibly small. Full tilt and swivel. Video mode. Flash is very powerful for advanced users or very simple for novices. Has full Manual modes and full TTL modes. Also has High Speed Sync and can sync up to 1/8000, overriding the 1/160 of the Sony built in flash. Takes 4AA including Eneloops. Used once at a wedding. Original box, carrying case, diffuser and stand included. Price: $175
All prices are based on sold prices on ebay as of 11/24/15. I'd far rather prefer to stay in this community of users that has been so valuable for me and has recommended all of the items listed above.
Price for everything, $2,000, or of course all items available individually.
PayPal preferred. Shipping included in CONUS.
Following are pictures of all the gear. Also check my flickr for examples from all of the above.
16mm with adapter
1670z - 24z