For Sale: Mint Olympus OM Zuiko 100mm f/2

over 2 years ago
For Sale: Mint Olympus OM Zuiko 100mm f/2
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Lafayette, IN, United States

This Olympus OM Zuiko Auto-T 100mm f/2 lens is in mint condition and comes with original front and rear caps, Olympus lens pouch, a 55mm Hoya protector filter, and, if you would like, a Fotodiox OM to XF adapter.
This is a stunning portrait lens of the highest quality that has seen very little use. Cosmetically, it is about as clean as you will find with two areas of very slight wear in the paint on the aperture ring that show only under very close inspection. I am the second owner. The first took incredibly good care of their equipment and I have barely used it.
The aperture has good resistance, not too tight and not loose. The focus is as smooth as it was right out of the box. There is a little dust in the lens (completely normal for a lens of this age), but no scratches or anything that would affect your image quality. There is no fungus or haze. It has beautiful bokeh, good contrast, and very sharp images across the frame.
Price with the OM to Fuji XF adapter is $625. Without the adapter, price is $600.
I will gladly listen to offers, but my prices are relatively firm. I have seen copies of this lens listed as having some haze sell for nearly $500 and mint condition with the box have approached $900 in the past. This copy is near perfect aside from a little dust and I feel that the price is reasonable.