Cokin filter system

over 2 years ago
Cokin filter system
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Conroe, TX, TX, United States

If you're into landscape, this is a great set to have. It consists of a Cokin filter holder (size "A") that screws onto your lens filter threads, then can accept up to four filters. This is sized for smaller lenses from about 36mm through 56mm.
This kit is sized for a 52mm lens, but other sizes (replaces the 52mm) are available from B&H for as low as $5. Also included is a ND3.0X filter and a 0.9 soft grad filter (but see note), as well as a CPL that slides into the front slot of the holder.
Grad filter note: I accidentally scratched this filter when removing it from the holder so it has a very noticeable vertical scratch. It can be PP'd out, or a new filter at B&H is something like $25.
Note: I will be away from Internet 1/29 to 2/6. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.
CPL filter slides into one of the slots
How the adapter ring fits
All items included
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