Four bags/cases for sale

over 2 years ago
Four bags/cases for sale
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Dallas, TX, United States

Mama wants to open the closet door and see more closet and fewer bags. Can't really disagree. So here we are . . .
Pelican 1520 signal orange (wont get lost easily!) with camera bag insert. This is not the padded dividers, but can be a standalone bag if removed from the 1520. A few scratches and wear marks but generally pretty clean. It's a Pelican. You can run over it with a truck and be fine. It does have the initials DJP written in Sharpie on the inside cover. If your initials are DJP this is your lucky day. $95 obo + $20 shipping. Inc PayPal costs.
Lowepro Magnum AW. Not sure which model but it's a large shoulder bag. Probably a 650 or 600. Not current model so can't tell. Can give you dimensions if interested. Never in the field. This was used as in house storage and organization. $80 + 15 shipping. Inc PayPal costs.
LowePro Dryzone 100. Great shape. Never off road only a few car trips. If you are in a wet or rugged environment this is an awesome bag. $75 + 15 shipping. Inc PayPal costs.
LowePro Toploader 65 AW. Very clean. Has all the parts (cover, strap, dividers) as far as I know. $15 + 6 shipping. Inc PayPal costs.
Local pickup in Dallas is an option. If you have questions let me know. Reasonable offers considered.