Leaf Aptus 75S digital back with H mount, A+ condition

over 4 years ago
FS: Leaf Aptus 75S digital back with H mount, A+ condition
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Vienna, Austria

Hi everyone at dpreview,
I am selling a Leaf Aptus 75S digital back. The back has a 36x48mm 33MP Dalsa Sensor. It is in perfect technical condition and shows very little signs of usage. Both sensor glass and touch screen are in mint condition. The back has 21.400 actuations.
The asking price is € 4.000,- or $ 5.500,-
2 pens for touchscreen
4 Leaf batteries (in working condition, but not at full capacity anymore)
battery charger
Leaf pouch
2 firewire cables (400 to 800 and 800 to 800)
you can find high resolution photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fw4jxr8br32r4k5/FyHfQwusSU
I am selling the back after upgrading to a Leaf Credo back, I used the Aptus mainly for architectural photography for two years.
I am a private seller, but I am still offering returns if you find any defects after buying (14 days).
This is also an excellent opportunity for photographers wanting to buy a Phase One IQ or a Leaf Credo digital back. The Aptus 75S can be used for a 33" discount on any of these backs, which means saving up to € 9.500,- for an IQ280 back (before taxes). Please check with your local Leaf or Phase One dealer for details.
I am based in Vienna, Austria, I ship worldwide. Shipping is free for this item.
If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me anytime.