Panasonic 25mm f1.4 lens and accessories

almost 3 years ago
Panasonic 25mm f1.4 lens and accessories
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Conroe, TX, United States

I bought this lens about a year ago and I think it has only been on my camera a dozen times. I just prefer the 35mm equiv FOV. If you know this lens, it is considered one of the best m43 primes made. I added a B+W F-PRO UV filter for protection. Needless to say, this lens is in like new condition. No problems, no damage, no issues.
But, the original lens hood was too big to fit in my bag so I added a collapsible rubber lens hood. So you get the lens, original hood, rubber hood, both lens caps, B+W UV filter, and the original box. Price of $450 includes PayPal fees and shipping.
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