Selling: Grip and battery for Panasonic GM1 and GM5

over 2 years ago
Selling: Grip and battery for Panasonic GM1 and GM5
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NV, United States

New (unused) grip from Aki-Asahi custom camera coverings. Links are frowned upon, so Google the name and about 5 listings down click on "Panasonic GM1, GM5 Custom Leather Grip" then scroll down to the bottom of the page to the grips.  This one is the black crinkled embossed.  You can see in my photo below the kit has both pieces for the right side - with the raised grip and without. Please note the pieces are not re-usable. They can be removed without any problems but cannot be used again. I've used the Aki-Asahi grips on other cameras and they're great.
Also I have an OEM battery for the GM1 / GM5. Charged and used just a few times.
Both items are included for sale, $30.  I'll accept Paypal and ship via USPS - to a U.S. address, shipping is included. PM me if you have any questions.
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