House Cleaning: Lots of Stuff!

about 3 years ago
House Cleaning: Lots of Stuff!
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New York, NY, United States

CANON, VIVITAR, QUANTUM, TIFFEN, LOWEPRO, MINOLTA, PENTAX & MORE! I am a professional photographer and I after sold my studio several years ago, I put several cartons labeled “Stuff” in storage. I am finally getting around to going through some of that stuff and have just filed a carton with 'stuff' that I no longer want or need. I am selling it all here so I can buy some more stuff that I don't need.
Included: Canon Powershot A540, Vivitar 283 and 3 Other Strobes, Sandisk SD & CF Cards, Tiffen Filters, Pentax Adapter, LowePro Bags (2 0f 'em!), Cable Releases, Adapter Rings, Table Top Tripod, Sync Cords and lots more. I have tossed a few more itmes into that box since the photo was shot.  Ther has to be something here you need!
$75.00 Takes It All!  Free shipping to anyplace in the Continental USA.  $15 Shipping to anyplace else.
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