Pentax K5iis + Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 + Extras

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        Pentax K5iis + Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 + Extras
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Bozeman, MT, United States

I have the following for sale. All in great condition. Current new prices listed for comparison only.
Pentax K5iis (Current new price: $498) Asking: $425
Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 (Current new price: $499) Asking: $225
Pentax AF200fg Flash (Current new price: $70) Asking: $35
Custom Pentax colors para-chord wrist strap from SF Hobby Shop. (Current new price $28). Free With Camera Purchase
I will give a package deal for the camera, lens, flash, and wrist strap listed above. $625.00 (that's a savings of $575 compared to new costs and $60 better than my individual used costs).
I also have a Tamron P/KA Adaptall-2 Adapter for sale which I have been using with my Tamron SP 300mm f2.8 and Tamron SP 90mm f2.5. This is one of the good adapters. Works well in A mode. Asking price: $75. I'm Not including this with the package deal above because it's more specialized. If you want it added to the package deal we can negotiate.
The cameras was purchased new from B&H this past summer and has ~2400 shots on it. It is in perfect working condition. It will come with the Pentax battery, charger, and original box. A very small scratch on the right side is the only wear I can find on the camera. The lens was purchased used just a couple of months ago for $275. It works perfectly & there is one very small cleaning mark that I could not capture in a picture (the mark does not affect IQ). The flash is new/unused. It has never been fired. The wrist strap was custom ordered by me from SF Hobby Shop. It's a great strap and I am sad to part with it, but it just seemed wrong to split them up. Great Pentax colors.
I'm upgrading to a different system. The things I like about Pentax I'll really miss. If you are considering Pentax for the first time these are the greats:
The body is top notch. One of the most robust sealed bodies on the market at any price.
TAv mode is like Shutter priority and Aperture priority in one and it's brilliant.
Ergonomics and layout are very intuitive.
High ISO is excellent.
This "s" version lacks the AA filter so the output is very sharp.
The camera controls aperture for any manual lens with an "A" on the aperture ring. This means no dim viewfinder when stopping down. This is great with manual lenses.
The body is really compact and fits in the hand very comfortably.
Very intuitive--I never read the manual and didn't need to.
Screen is gapless and very crisp.
Thanks for looking. Here are some pictures (and a couple shots taken with the camera):
Best, Seth
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