Professional Metz 58 AF-1 Digital Flash Gun for Pentax / Samsung

over 5 years ago
Professional Metz 58 AF-1 Digital Flash Gun for Pentax / Samsung
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Metz 58-AF1 professional model - I have 100% rating on ebay!
Metz 58-AF1 Pentax / Samsung
Offering my Metz 58 AF-1 Flash Gun as I have changed my camera. It's in in excellent condition and one of the best rated out there for a much lower price compared to those professional ones but still offering the Quality and Features with it. Excellent condition, comes with Stand and Case.
Even without using the flash I got much better pictures due to the use of its (red) Focus Assist lamp that enables for much faster and more accurate Focusing.
It's very powerful compared to smaller flash guns and can be easily adjusted, see pictures.
More Info:
Due to its high GN of 58 at ISO 100/21deg. and 105mm focal length, the 58 AF-1 digital is not only especially powerful, but also can be used for indirect flash lighting to great effect. For the first time Metz integrated a reflector card that can be flipped open into its vertically tilting and horizontally swiveling reflector. In addition, the Bounce diffuser 54-23 is avilable as an optional accessory. Using the integrated secondary reflector, additional brilliance can be achieved with this flash technology in close-up areas. The integrated slave trigger unit allows the 58 AF-1 to be implemented separately. An additional plus for all those who want to use the 58 AF-1 digital apart from the camera: the new flash can be used wirelessly with the Pentax P-TTL remote system thanks to the integrated slave trigger unit.