Tamron Adaptall-2 Lenses

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        Tamron Adaptall-2 Lenses
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Tamron's SP series of manual focus Adaptall 2 lenses were designed to provide superior performance to the serious amateur or pro photographer. The two offered here include a couple of rare models. The non-SP Tamron-2 Adaptall lenses are not as famous as the SP series, but are still regarded as very good performers and are noted for being extremely compact and well-built. You can check out reviews of these lenses at adaptall-2.org. Condition for all lenses are as follows. Optically, all 6 are in perfect condition with no haze, fungus or marks on the glass. Typical for lenses of this age are a few floating dust particles that shouldn't effect your photos. Mechanically, all 6 are in excellent condition with smooth focusing and zooming, with snappy aperture blades. No bent or distorted mounts. Cosmetically, there are some slight scratches and minor paint loss on the bodies. These will work with the proper mount on virtually any cropped or full frame camera brand. Camera mounts are not included with each lens purchase, but available separately below. All prices include shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee (shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada extra). PM me with questions or for additional photos.
1) Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 300 f5.6 Flat Field Tele Macro 54B: a great, lightweight long tele for fieldwork, with built-in hood and close focusing abilities, perfect for butterflies or flowers. Includes front and rear caps, no case. $79US (includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee.)
2) Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 35-80mm f2.8-3.8 CF Macro 01A: a really sharp zoom, with true macro abilities. Includes front cap only. $69US (includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee.)
3) Tamron Adaptall-2 24mm f2.5 01B: very fast for it's focal length and quite compact. Includes rear cap only. $59US (includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee.)
4) Tamron Adaptall-2 28mm f2.5 02B: amazingly compact. Includes rear cap only. $29 (includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee.)
5) Tamron Adaptall-2 200mm f3.5 04B: fast and very compact for it's focal length with good close focusing abilities. Includes built-in hood, front cap (not original) and case. $49 (includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee.)
6) Tamron Adaptall 200mm f3.5 CT-200: this is an Adaptall (not Adaptall-2) lens, the pre-cursor to number 5 above. It's a little chunkier and heavier, but still a good performer. Bought by mistake, it's never been used and is in like-new condition. Includes built-in hood and tripod ring, front and rear caps. $39 (includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal fee.)
Tamron Adaptall-2 mounts: You'll need a mount to use these on your camera brand, readily available at the famous auction site. But I have a few available models as well. Pentax KA $45, Pentax K $12, Olympus OM $12, Minolta $12, M42 (screw mount) $12. These prices only with purchase of a lens.