Film lovers.....a legend for trade....

over 2 years ago
Film lovers.....a legend for trade....
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OK, United States

Time to pass along my legendary Yashica T4  Gold Super. Rare and getting harder to find one and hard to find at a decent price. If you are not aware of this giant killer do a fast google search and read all about it. This camera makes incredible images and really does fit in your pocket. Mine is well loved but works perfectly. A couple little dings here and there but the glass if perfect. I am looking to trade for a "A" mount Sony piece of glass. Not looking for anything in particular, just send me an offer. Would consider Minolta as well. Seriously this little camera is a fantastic shooter, take it any place. It is weatherproof but given its age not sure I would trust that. I think my trade value is around $350. I know seems crazy but they are great cameras. WYSIWYG