2013 528 X-Drive 37k miles still under factory warranty.

over 2 years ago
2013 528 X-Drive 37k miles still under factory warranty.
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So in the interest of my wife and I getting a house, I am trying to free up some debt. The payoff on this car is $31,500 and that's the price I'm asking. Not looking for a profit.
I've had the thermostat recall already performed, all maint. Is up to date. 37k miles and will remain around there since my wife and I HOV the Acura to work.
Currently sitting on 20" rims with hankook
tires. When I got the rims the
tires were just about brand new. I have put maybe 1000k miles on them. If that. I had the car road force balanced and full wheel alignment done as well.
I plasti dipped the front grill, the gray slats on the bottom bumper, the chrome trim around the doors and the 528i and x-drive emblems. If you don't like it, peels right off but looks good to me.
I also had the TPMS sensors swapped over. I still have the factory 17" rims with the run flats still on them.
Runs perfect. Everything works perfect. No issues with the car.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Thanks for looking.