AL 2006 Honda S2000

almost 2 years ago
AL 2006 Honda S2000
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Leesburg, AL

Make: Honda
Model: S2000
Year: 2006
Miles: 148k
Title: Clean
Transmission: 6spd
Location: Leesburg, AL
Contact: 256-613-9651
Price: $12,000 obo CASH ONLY/NO CHECKS
Trades: My trade value is FIRM at $13,000. I would much rather prefer cash, but I may accept trades. Clean Hondas and Acuras plus cash if needed. I also have cash/other cars to add with the trade for something more expensive. I would really like a nice, clean, and built right k or j swapped car plus cash. I am really interested in anything I can sell, as long as it is worth my time and effort. That means don't come at me with a $5000 civic with $2k on top. It's not going to happen, so don't waste my and your time with ridiculous trade offers. Do your research beforehand to get an idea of the value of your car. I understand that modified cars have lots of time and money invested, but that doesn't transfer into dollars in a cash sale. Parting a car out takes lots of time and patience, as I did it with this car.
Alright guys, I am selling my 06 S2000. It is in good condition with a few minor flaws. The car was quite a bit different just 6 months ago before it was parted out and returned to stock, as can be seen pictured. It is completely stock now aside from the Authentic ASM overfenders, and it has Blue OEM 2004 carpet in it. The quarters were cut out and the overfenders are trimmed enough for the car to fit a 275 R compound tire on a 10" wheel with a +30 and higher offset. The front fenders are also rolled flared and pulled, and would easily fit a 255 tire on the same size wheel. It also has an AP2 front lip and an ABS front splitter. It has XM Radio as well. The top on it is about 2 years old, but only for about 10k miles and for a year of that it was under a hardtop, so it is basically brand new, and is also OEM. It cost around $1500 installed. The tires have less than 3k miles on them. It is a great car, and runs and drives really good. It has a few bumps and bruises, but nothing too major. I wouldn't sell it, but I have 6 cars at the moment and need to move a few out. The price is negotiable as far as cash goes.
Cons: I had a J's Racing Steering wheel in it, so the VSA light came on from the SRS Reel being disconnected. The Steering angle sensor needs to be reset at Honda in order for this to go off. It may be done before sold if I get time to go. Paint chips in the corner of the headlight area on the front bumper from something sitting on it when it was in my shed(pictured.) The driver fender has a crack above the headlight from it falling over while in my shed. The trunk has holes in it from the Voltex GT Wing. This will be fixed if I find a good black trunk before the car is sold.
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