AEM FIC engine management

over 2 years ago
AEM FIC engine management
Available on
West MI

Bought in September. Includes everything that originally came in the box. This is a great piggyback as it can power larger than stock injectors (ran my 610cc's fine) and can retard timing. Ill send my "base" fuel and timing maps that I paid Ken Hill (miata tuning genius) to make for me. Aem's tuning and datlogging software is easy to use and can be downloaded online.
FIC is currently wired into a '99-'00 harness extension. Does not intercept maf as it is not needed until ~15psi
I have no problem calling this truly "plug and play" as I used a high quality aem harness extender and soldered all connections. Car fired up my first try and was tuned up to 13psi with no wiring hiccups or anything
PRICING is as follows
FIC wired into 99-00 harness: $250 free shipping to continental US
FIC seperated: $220 free shipping to continental US
chopped up AEM harness extension: $50 free shipping cont US

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