1996 Porsche 993 Carrera Coupe - 39k Miles, Limited Slip, 6 spd, EXCELLENT

12 months ago
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Colorado Springs, CO

For Sale: 1996 Porsche 993 Carrera - 39k miles - EXCELLENT condition, 6 Speed
Manual Transmission, Limited Slip Diff, etc. Great car.
This is the one you want, if you are looking for a clean, low mileage coupe that hasn't been messed with or abused. The interior and exterior are in very good condition, with very minor witnesses to its age (I can have most of the scratches on the exterior professionally removed in house). It starts quickly and easily, doesn't smoke, doesn't leak, and does everything very, very well. It only has 39k cared-for miles on it, so everything is tight. Squeak and rattle free, no shimmies, no anything. The tires are Continental Sport Contact 2 with lots of tread depth.
The interior is great - very clean, even under the hood and decklid. The inner fenders and underbody are very clean as well, with zero evidence of damage or corrosion.
This car has a very desirable list of options, including a 40% Limited Slip Differential(!), Becker premium CD sound system, sunroof, cruise, 17" wheels, leather seats and traction control.
Don't miss this 993 - the last of the air cooled Porsches, and one of the nicest you could want to still drive and enjoy. Almost museum status, but just used enough to take out on nice days and still enjoy.

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