Rays Volk CE28SL 17x7.5 4x100 +43

24 days ago
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Chicago 'Burbs, IL

Set of 4 CE28SL 17x7.5 4x100 +43 (ten spoke): http://www.evasivemotorsports.com/mm...Code=VR-CE28SL
Rays Lug nuts in matching Gunmetal color:
Aluminum centering rings which I used to make custom center caps:
Purchase prices:
$638.40/wheel ($2554 for 4) +$100 shipping
$100 for lug nuts
$52 for centering rings
$80 for center cap supplies (my DIY link)
Total: $2890
Wheels are almost in perfect condition. No scratched or curb rash to speak of.
Tires: 225/45R17 Continental ExtremeContact Sport. Thanks to rounded shoulders, these arent close to rubbing anywhere lock-to-lock at my setup: lowered on Eibach springs, -1.2 camber, 8 caster. These are now down to $533 shipped on TR (I paid $629). Got them first week of April and I DD them about 320 miles per week, 60-70% highway, if you want to calculate mileage on them. They have a 30K mile warranty. I can measure tread depth with calipers on all four if/when requested.
Asking price without tires: $2,300 picked up.
Asking price with tires: $2,600 picked up.
Im willing to drive a few hours to meet half-way if you are far away. Maybe more if youre close to somewhere Id want to spend a weekend.
My preference is to make the sale in November to give me time to source new summer wheels while I drive on my winter set, but I'm flexible in that regard.
Pictures with ECS mounted:
Pictures before ECS:

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