88 325 Black coupe Nyc

over 4 years ago
88 325 Black coupe Nyc
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hey R3v I'm selling my 1988 325 e30
i have bought the car in Nov as a car to get around with and to fix up it came with 181xxx but meter stop working a week after bought so ill say it has around 210xxx miles
the got hit in the fender
car has rush bubbles on rocker panel and has a crack near the fuse box
I have got around to a few thing such as
bilstein suspensions + hr sport springs
New crank and cam sensor
main relay
Coil, Oem wires, Bosch copper sparkplugs, rotor and cap
Continental timing belt, OEM waterpump
center shaft bearing
walbro 255 fuel pump and fuel filter (bosch)
New battery
plastic rear bumper with trim
also comes with extra rear seats black
and old bumper and trim if wanted
Not looking to get rich car still runs and i drive it everynight to work no issues
im asking 1200 Pm for more Pics