-Chicago- 540i e39 low miles

over 3 years ago
-Chicago- 540i e39 low miles
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I am selling this gorgeous 540i with 6 speed manual transmission. It has a very low millage, I have had the car for a year now, and it is a pleasure to drive it. However, I am selling the car because I want something smaller, a coupe, e36 m3. The previous owners and I took great care of the car. The car was never raced and it was garage kept. A lot of preventive maintenance was done to the car. Not so long ago, I replaced the radiator, the water pump, control arms, and fixed an oil leak. All of that cost me about $1500, and the new parts I bought will last years. These cars' weakest point is the cooling system, and since the cooling parts were replaced lately, you will not have to worry for the next couple of years about spending $$$. All history of the car is well documented.
The engine and the interior are nearly perfect. Mind this is a 14 year old car. It guarantee you will not find a 14 year old car with this mileage with better looking tan interior..
I have put a lot of money into this car. I bought:
- m5 bumpers+paintjob which cost me $1900.
-Smoked Taillights, which cost me $200
-Dinan exhaust, which cost me $700
-Carbon Fiber spoilers, which cost me $300. They are removable, if you don't like them, you can easily remove them
-m5 wheels with Continental
tires, which cost me $1400.
new water pump
new control arms
new radiator
fixed oil leak
great looking, clean, interior
low miles
the cons are:
The Cluch could be better. It has never been changed. However, it never slips, and it is going to last some time, so no worries.
The airbag light is on. The module for the driver's door airbag needs to be replaced.
Overall, I have put $6000 dollars in this car and had done only 5 000 miles. I bought the car a year ago for $7000 with 75 000 miles.
You can buy the car for $7600 with the stock set of wheels, and I can keep the m5 wheels. The stock set of wheels is style #32.
Clean carfaxI can trade for e36 m3.I am asking $8400
Thank You