E60 For Sale: 2007 6MT Black/Tan 58,000 miles

about 3 years ago

	E60 For Sale: 2007 6MT Black/Tan 58,000 miles
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Hey guys,
I am putting up for sale my beautiful, 10 out of 10 2007 M5 6MT.
The car is black on tan with 58,000 miles.
The ONLY bad news I can offer about her is she has a branded manufacturer buyback/lemon title history.
The car was brought back from Hawaii in 2010 as a buyback for as far as I can tell an issue with the radio/hvac control unit.
The car then had 17000 miles and now has 58000 with zero issues at all.
No warning lights, no nothing, just a wonderful hum of the V10.
I have taken the car to the dealer for inspections/maintenance and have several years of receipts I will give to the new owner.
I also have the original rims with 80% or so tread left on Continentals.
The Merceli rims shown have nearly new tires as well.
All in all, there are absolutely zero issues with the car and it looks and smells new.
I have a 9000 mile 2012 Shelby GT500 in the garage next to her and this car is definitely more fun to drive....but I am kind of a mustang guy and one toy needs to go so I can afford a new house for my new wife and I.
All that being said, it is truly unfortunate to brand a car of this caliber with some silly paperwork to reduce its value.
I will gladly answer any questions or provide additional pictures.
The car was just at the dealer for inspection and and oil change less than 100 miles ago.
I rarely drive her and she needs to get out more...plus I need the cash.
I am going to be realistic here as far as price and although this is an amazing example of a low mileage beast, the buyback issue is obviously going to affect the value.
I will take $24000 for it and include both the Merceli rims and the OEM rims which are both in excellent condition.
If my memory serves me correct, there were only around 1300 total 6MT units produced for the E60 so this is kind of a rare vehicle.
My name is Tyler and I can be reached at 417-773-9757