WTT: E46 M3 Vert on Air project for your?

about 1 year ago
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The Black Hills

So I bought this car and then tried to sell this car which didn't happen...
So one the busiest people (my dumb ass) on the planet attempted to part this car out...
Which has gone like hell. I don't have time to mess with this.
See FS thread here: It has a list of what has been sold
It just sits in my garage. Laughing at me.
It was a bad ass car not less than 2 years ago
So, who wants a project? The car is mostly there sans engine bits.
I want to trade for your BMW or ??? I have cash to spend on top.
I have a trailer and love taking useless road trips to swap cars.
Car was in perfect working order when I decided to part it. 104xxx miles
Ran and drove great.
Clean title
So, what do you have?
Here are a few pics from about 24 months ago:
12295492_10100267453358564_1605298923276258445_n by James Taylor, on Flickr
12274647_10100267453403474_8944503188097383308_n by James Taylor, on Flickr
12294642_10100267453338604_2507808389223590249_n by James Taylor, on Flickr
12345609_10100269848029624_6939517155355130456_n by James Taylor, on Flickr
It sitting in my garage not to long ago
IMG_20161016_1416318 by James Taylor, on Flickr
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