1964 Weber Carbureted 289 Hipo $10k Firm

about 2 years ago
1964 Weber Carbureted 289 Hipo $10k Firm
Robert Campbell
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Bremerton Washington:
Weber Carbureted 1964 5 bolt Hipo 289 with 1969 Windsor Heads. 10K firm. You get the entire engine as pictured with headers, motor mounts, and clutch and bell housing. Are you ready to upgrade your Ford this winter? Engine built and maintained by an experienced Ford engine builder.
Short Block:
C4OE-6015-F Cast number with 4F22 date code. Photo evidence of the HP stamping and orange paint marks on back of the block. Factory crank turned to .010/.010. Factory main caps, balancer, and hatchet. Older engine build (1985) in summer fun car that has less than 5k miles on the block. Original Hipo rods. TRW Forged 12.5 to 1 pop ups. Block bored .030 over. Fully balanced and hand assembled by owner. Cobra T- pan with high volume oil pump with ARP pump drive shaft. Engine runs 50 pounds of hot oil pressure at 1,000 RPM on 5/30 Royal Purple Synthetic oil. Spins up to 70 pounds at operating speeds. Cam Techniques for Inglese grind SR-342-10 Solid Roller cam. Lift at Valve is .547 Intake and .547 Exhaust. Duration is 280/280 at .050. Block surfaced, and heads and Intake decked to provide near nominal 13 to 1 compression ratio with the 60 CC Windsor combustion chambers. Clayed valve clearance of .120 on both valves without steel shim head gasket. Cloys Tru-Roller timing chain.
Old School Windsor C9OE heads with 1.94 and 1.60 Chevrolet valves. Full on exhaust porting with pocket porting of the combustion chambers with complete valve guide into the combustion area removal by Stan Johnson of Ford Powertrain Applications. These heads flow comparable to Edelbrock Performer RPM heads. Intake ports just cleaned and matched to the Weber Manifold. Cam Techniques valve springs to work with Solid Roller Cam at 7,000 RPM. ARP Head Stud Kit. Crane Gold Aluminum Roller Rockers. One inch valve cover spacers with closed letter Cobra Valve covers.
Inglese 48 IDA Webers on normal thermostat 289 configured intake manifold. Standard Inglese driver side pull linkage. Powder coating by Precision Powder Coating of Plainville CT in 2011. They are the known experts in powder coating of Weber carbs with a low heat process that does not disturb the many lead plugs in Weber Carbs. All jets, emulsion tubes, and jet holders matched with pin gauges by Jay Cee Enterprises the West Coast expert in Weber tuning. Fully rebuilt and dialed in after power coating process. Jay Cee long hex head jet holders, center covers, and fastener kit.
Quick Time 5 bolt SFI approved steel scatter shield. Modern Drivelines Steel Flywheel capable of 10.5 diameter clutch. Superior King Cobra Clutch in Kevlar/Kevlar and matching King Cobra pressure plate with constant duty throw-out bearing mounted on late model cable style clutch fork that pivots off the passenger side. Currently using a hydraulic slave cylinder that pushes the clutch fork forward.
Edelbrock Aluminum Water Pump, Mallory Unilight Distributor with Crane distributor gear part number 36970-1 to match steel roller cam. MSD 6AL with 7,000 RPM rev limiter chip. Ford Motosport Spark Plug wires. Engine has no oil leaks at rear main or pan even with the high oil pressure. Oil pressure was raised to support the roller cam at hot idle. High torque starter based on 86 up 302 starter to fit Stan Johnson Ford PowerTrain Applications Ceramic Coated 4 tube step header that goes with the package if desired.
This engine will lug down to 700 to 800 rpm with no bucking what so ever. Powerband is from 1,000 RPM up in a smooth rush of horsepower that will destroy my 295/50 -15 Fire Hawks through a 4.11 rear gear. Engine pulls like a big block but spins up like a motorcycle engine. It is truly impressive. Inglese estimates 430 to 450 HP, but engine has not been dynode. The typical stumble when in transition from low speed to high speed is barely noticeable on the flat. You can feel a slight stumble under light loads pulling a hill. Instantly goes away with a push to a medium load on the carb. Typical small pops in the exhaust under deceleration which is the badge of courage of a Weber engine. Best gas mileage is around 9 miles to the gallon with 4.11 gears in our 1967 Fastback. Car runs on 92 Octane pump gas at 38 degrees. Add race gas and it will run even better, but you will need to back off the timing a bit. It runs with 18 degrees of initial timing and the high torque starter turns it easily.
I am selling to go back to something a bit less exotic. This engine could be a period correct piece for a 289 Cobra? Not totally correct, but a great engine for a kit car or an early Shelby who is ok with the 5 bolt. If you wish I can sell the original big block radiator with correct tanks for your 1967 Shelby or Mustang. Lower outlet has been moved to support the 289. This is a proven completely tuned bullet read for use. Short block has 5k on it and the upper end has bout 2k miles. Engine will be pulled with the intake off and boxed separately. Linkage adjustments are spot on and engine will fire right up and run as said. Where can you get a set up like this for this price on an early period Hipo short block. You can get 8 stack engines but they run $20k without many of the parts included on this engine. I will not sell it unless the buyer sees and hears it run via a you tube video. It does not smoke is ready to thrash. Complete records of all receipts with pictures of the engine proving it as a Hipo.
Rob Campbell