2001 LSx M5

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2001 LSx M5
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Frederick, MD

2001 LSx M5
Ready to move on to new projects so I'm looking to sell my LSx M5. I've really enjoyed the build and driving the car. I've spent a lot of time and care building a clean and well sorted car.
General Info:
Chassis is a 2001 M5
Chassis has 101K+ miles
Engine is an iron block 5.3L from a 2005 Chevy Suburban, with ~66k miles (see mods below)
Transmission is a T56 6 speed manual from a 2007 Cadillac CTS-V with ~67k miles
Air conditioning is fully functional
Price: $18,000 (not interested in trades)
Title is clean and clear, no liens
I had no problem registering the car in Maryland. The car passed the Maryland safety inspection after I completed the engine swap with no issue. The car has also passed Maryland emissions testing twice, OBD-II plug and play just like a stock car. The gauges all function properly with the exception of the M5 oil temperature gauge. The check engine light is connected to the GM PCM (no errors). I also programmed out any error messages out of the instrument cluster related to the engine swap. All electrical splices were soldered and covered with internal adhesive heat shrink tubing.
I have over 10k miles on the swap and have resolved any issues that I've come across. The exterior and interior is in excellent condition. The exterior has a few dings, small scratches and nicks in the paint but overall the paint looks great, especially considering its age. The body does not appear to show any signs of collision repair, though the rear bumper cover has been replaced. The wheels could use some attention, they all show signs of either peeling, fading, or minor curb rash. I contemplated sending them out to get refinished and raising the price accordingly but figured the next owner may want to invest that money into a different set of wheels. I've replaced many of the exterior rubber trim pieces that were dry and cracking.
The interior is clean and looks great. I replaced the stock angel eye bulbs with MTEC V3 LEDs and run when the ignition is on; I also deleted the error message from the instrument cluster via programming. As a result of the swap, traction control and cruise control are not functional. I installed a Parrot MKi 9200 hands free phone kit. The instrument cluster pixel display has been replaced and the rear view mirror repaired. The battery is new. The rear tires are new Michelin Pilot Super Sports, the front tires are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx with about 30-40% tread remaining. All power windows, locks, seats, sunroof function properly. All the internal headlight adjusters have been replaced.
The heads were ported and built by Total Engine Airflow and is running a Trickflow camshaft (220/224, 112LSA). Head bolts and rod bolts are ARP. The intake is an LS6 intake and throttle body. The headers were custom built by myself and are a tri-y setup, much like the stock M5 headers. The headers connect to the stock M5 exhaust using the stock M5 flanges, therefore you should be able to use any aftermarket E39 M5 exhaust setup and bolt it right up to the headers. The M5 cats are in place and functional. Exhaust is quiet but there is a noticeable lope from the cam. Belt driven accessories are the corvette layout and were brand new GM parts along with the starter and water pump. Clutch is a Diamond stage two running the CTS-V slave cylinder (using the Katech slave spacer). Transmission shifts smooth in all gears, no grinding. The radiator is a stock M5 unit running (F-body) two speed cooling fans.
The front suspension uses the rack and pinion steering and subframe setup of a 6 cylinder E39. This rack and pinion setup has a tighter steering ratio and gives better driver feedback than the stock M5 recirculating ball setup. This also allows the use of a rear sump (Autokraft) oil pan which has improved baffling over the OEM GM oil pans. The front control arms and inner/outer tie rods were replaced with brand new Lemforder parts. The shocks, springs and sway bars are the stock M5 parts.
List Date: 6/11/2016
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On Sale For: $18,000.00