CT: 2013 Subaru WRX Hatchback Plasma Blue Pearl

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CT: 2013 Subaru WRX Hatchback Plasma Blue Pearl
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Price: $17,000
I hate to do this as I've wanted this car forever, but with my commute it just doesn't make sense. I keep going back and forth on selling this thing, so I figured I'd put up the ad and see if there was any interest. I'm putting way too many miles on it and could use a car that gets better gas mileage and that I don't feel bad about just racking up the miles. With that said, this car has never left me stranded and has never given me any issues.
The car is a 2013 Subaru WRX Hatchback (Base Model) and the color is Plasma Blue Pearl. It currently has 91,xxx miles and will increase steadily as its my daily driver (100 miles daily). I've owned the car from 7 miles on the OD, bought back in December of 2013. Mileage is probably 95% highway mixed between commuting and traveling for snowboarding etc.
All maintenance has been kept up with, and everything has been done by either Subaru or EFI Logics in Bethel, CT. I changed the oil at less than 5000 miles and always with subaru fluids/hardware (aside from the 2nd oil change which was done at a local Chevy dealership). I drive 100 miles of highway a day, the car doesn't get beat on and as such I changed it at every 5000 miles or less.
I attached a picture of the spreadsheet of maintenance/installations records that I have on the car. I have receipts for all work, except anything that was done DIY.
The car has the following modifications:
USDM Double Din bezel
Anarchy Motive Shift Knob - Purple Haze
Weathertech Front & Rear floor mats
Rear Hatch cover (OEM)
Podi Boost gauge
SMY Dual Clustermaker 52mm Gauge pod
SOLiD Modifications Vent Pod
Podi Oil Temp(Black) ---- Never installed still BNIB (brand new in box)
The Podi gauges were part of the 1st of 2 runs by Podi for gauges with lettering and coloring to match the 2008-2014 WRX/STI models.
35% tints all around
inno IN-B117 crossbars
inno INA261 medium fairing
inno INA927 snowboard/ski carrier -- may or not be included
Hella Horns - paint matched PBP (used subimod harness) --- could use a repaint from all the road debris
Debadged rear except for AWD systems and WRX
Polk PAD4000.4 - 4ch amp for door speakers (125 rms watts/ch) --- amp stored under hatch flooring, cut away portion of right most styrofoam. can't see this, doesn't overheat in location
Image Dynamics CTX6.5cs (100 rms watts/per speaker - tweeters run passive with x-overs)
Image Dynamics CTX65 (100 rms watts/per speaker)
Sundown Audio SAZ-1000d - sub amp (1000 rms watts @ 1ohm)
Remote Gain Control - located in center dash cubby -- currently not mounted, heat kept causing double sided tape to come off. sitting in the cup holder
Sundown Audio SA-8v2 2ohm DVC - sub (600 rms watts, underrated)
JL 2 gauge Power Wire - from battery to distribution block
JL 2 gauge Ground Wire - from chasis to distribution block
Rockford Fosgate Fuse Block (150 amp fuse), Distribution Blocks (power & ground)
Stinger 14 gauge speaker wire - door speakers
Stinger 16 gauge speaker wire - tweeters
Stinger 10 gauge speaker wire - sub
Aeroported 33Hz 0.75cuft (internal) sub box (Dave the box Guy) -- sub amp mounted on top of box, whole assembly fits under hatch hide-away cover (hiden from the public)
Stinger RCA sub and 4ch cables
Kenwood DDX470
Axxess Aswc-1 - Steering Wheel Controls --- currently not working, couldn't get the axxess to update firmware. there's smartphone app but i haven't gotten around to getting it to work.
Kenwood Microphone
20-pin harness - ae64.com
Metra AX-SUBUSB - keep oem usb location
Ae64.com OEM Aux Jack Adapter
3/4" speaker spacers - subaruaudio.net
Audiotechnix sound deadener
Frost King - sound dampener (aka hvac insulation)
Parking Brake Bypass (aka soldered the parking brake to the rest of the ground for the harness, all it's looking for is a ground connection)
Power wire ran through driverside fender to grommet by feet, through center console. Bluetooth still works, Aux still works, microphone mounted on top of steering wheel column.
Cobb AP v3
NGK 1-Step Colder Plugs
Turbosmart Kompact BPV
Grimmspeed EBCS
DW65c Fuel Pump
Injector Dynamics ID1000's (w/ PnP adapters)
ProcessWest TMIC
Grimmspeed 08+ Limited Coated Catted Downpipe
EFI Logics 93 Octane Tune (emergency 91 Octane Tune)
Cobb Ceramic Coated Downpipe Heat Shield
Omni 4 Bar MAP sensor
AEM IAT Sensor
AP Ceramic Coated Header
AP Ceramic Coated Uppipe
Invidia Titanium Tip Q300 (resonated)
Cobb Intake and Air Box
Insulation for the intake/box
AFe custom dry filter instead of the Cobb Oiled Filter
The car made 311whp 349wtq on a mustang dyno, tuned by Mike Botti at EFI Logics. I attached a picture of the dyno tune as well. The picture shows the initial tune and then the 2nd tune as well. The exhaust note is great, you can tell its not stock but it's not annoying on long trips (girlfriend approved).
IAT currently taken from cold side of TMIC, basically setup for running a Speed Density/Hybrid tune but currently running MAF tuning.
The car has everything needed for a larger turbo power-wise (currently on stock VF-52), a new clutch would probably be needed to hold the extra torque and who knows how long the stock block would hold. Which is why I stopped where I did.
Kartboy STS
Kartboy Pitchstop Mount
I have the Kartboy F/R shifter bushings BNIB, just never got around to installing them.
The car is not without some faults:
I got rolled into while stuck in traffic and had to have the rear bumper fixed. I lay this out in the maintenance and I attached pictures of the damage. Nothing structural, just damaged the bumper.
I also dropped my mountain bike while taking it off the roof rack :confused5_ and caused a small dent in the roof and scratched the clear coat. This is clearly depicted in a picture as well
There is a small area of paint bubbling on the roof as well, from what I have no idea.
And finally the front bumper was cracked during driving on the highway during the winter. I never fixed it because the chances of it happening again were pretty good. All it takes is a truck or car to drop an ice bomb and crack.
Aside from that it has the usual dings you'd expect from driving a car 90,000 miles on northeastern roads.
If you can't tell by now I love this car and have driven/treated it accordingly.
Upcoming maintenance:
I have a 90,000 mile service scheduled at EFI Logics to replace transmission/rear diff fluid and brake fluid. The tires have about 4/32 of useful life left in them (7/32). The front brakes may or may not get changed depending on the amount of pad left. I'll have them check the alignment as well.
What the car will come with:
All original parts. I have all of the original parts, fuel pump, injectors, catback, headers/up-pipe, downpipe, tmic, headunit, speakers, shifter, literally anything that I replaced I have the original of.
It will also come with a set of winter tires/wheels. General Altimax Artic (non-studded) Size 215/55r16 on 16" steel wheels. No TPMS in these. These were used for the last 2 seasons, however the last 2 winters have been mild. I didn't even need to put them on until almost January this past season. So these probably have 85-90% useful life left.
I believe I have an extra set of open ended lug nuts as well if you want them.
Price: $17000
While I am trying to sell it, I'm in no rush. I will enjoy this car until the last day and hope whoever grabs it will enjoy it as much as I have. If you have any questions/want more pics shoot me a PM.
Maintenance Below ( and in a picture if its easier):
Date Mileage Service Completed Location
1/29/2013 Maintenance:
Mileage (as of 8/19/2016):
Cobb APv3 (with the plastic cover still on):
Engine Bay:
First & Second Tune Dyno Graph:
First & Second Tune Dyno Numbers:
Cobb Intake/Air Box w/ heat insulation (AFe dry filter):
AP EL Header & Up-pipe Ceramic Coated:
Right side of the engine bay:
More Pics Below
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