Marrad Miata LX1 Seat Order Details

about 2 years ago
Marrad Miata LX1 Seat Order Details
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Shelton, CT

I am preparing an order for seats made with the pineapple fabric below. I hope to have them sometime in May. I was planning on ordering 40 standard width seats and 20 wide that fit in the NC and that we can use in C6 Corvettes as well. Depending on feedback I receive and how many people are ready to give deposits that may be adjusted upward.
If you want to be assured of seats with options like colored stitching or carbon fiber shells, you would need to provide a deposit within the next 7-10 days. A $300 deposit per frp seats or $400 per carbon fiber would be needed. The carbon fiber seats are basically an frp seat with the outside layer in carbon fiber. That is the case with most carbon fiber seats that only cost a couple of hundred dollars more than their frp counterparts. True carbon seats done in an autoclave usually cost much more.
The total cost for frp seats with NA, NB or NC hardware will be no more than $749 plus freight. I will be getting quotes on adjustable lumbar supports this week. If I like what I hear I am considering supplying adjustable lumbar with all seats that have deposits. That is normally a $49 option.
Please EMAIL ME directly if you are ready to provide a deposit, since it will be much easier to keep track of who needs what on my laptop than having to read pm's and threads. Many have already expressed interest in standard, no frills seats but I will likely not have the time to read thru all the thread posts and pms when these come in so I will just post when they are available and it would be first come, first serve.
Any questions?