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The Great Part Out...
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well today I was informed that my storage for my cars is getting cut as the housing community does want any extra cars on the side of the house. I have my Honda civic I use as a daily, and then the miata and 72 corvette. unfortunately I have to cut one of them and it looks like its going to be the miata. I love the car, but it is a little uncomfortable for me to drive and it will still take me around $15,000+ to get it exactly where I want it, so I suppose thatll be the one to go.
if you need any pictures of anything just ask!
1. KGworks mesh TSIs - $230
2. Front and rear mudflaps - SOLD
3. Custom real GV taillight panel modified for corvette tail lights painted black (comes with tails and reverse light) - $650
4. LE red dash that was cracked, then repaired and covered with black leather(still needs finished) - $120
5. LE red dash(okay condition for being 20 years old) - $150(pending)
6. LE red door panels with speaker plates and arm rests- $200
7. LE red full carpet set cut for rollbar - $180(pending)
8. LE red floor mats(good condition) - $120
9. LE red floor mats(worn condition) - $75
10. LE red seat belts - SOLD
11. LE red kick panels - $30(pending)
12. LE red seatbelt tower plastics(cut for rollbar) - $40
13. Zoom Engineering Center Console in black and LE red - $450
14. Nakamae LE red quilted headliner - $200(pending)
15. Nakamae LE red quilted transmission tunnel trim - $180(pending)
16. Nakamae LE red quilted sidestep trim - $100(pending)
17. Nakamae LE red quilted rear belt trim - $100(pending)
18. custom upholstered lotus seats in the same material as the nakamae with flip side brackets - SOLD
19. KGworks black gauge panel with revlimiter glass - $400
20. Zoom engineering polished cup holder(I have 2 available) - $30 each
21. RS factory stage knob and brake handle with button- $150
22. boss frog stainless steel double hoop roll bar hardtop version - $850
23. revlimiter stirling HVAC panel, purple backlighting - $50
24. retromodern HVAC knobs - $120
25. retromodern cig plug - $25
26. revlimiter limiter edition black switches "2 of 3" - $200(pending)
27. revlimiter sharka vent rings in polished - $35(for 5 of them, had 1 extra) (pending)
28. Nardi classic polished deep corn steering wheel(wear on wheel leather from suicide knob) - $240
29. Revlimiter Mazda horn button - $25
30. daikei steering wheel adapter with airbag delete - $80
31. revlimiter sharkas door straps in red - $40
32. OBX retro style fuel lid - $85(pending)
33. Gstring black vinyl bikini top with standalone kit(to be used alone or with double hoop rollbar) comes with complete standalone kit, bikini buckles, cut center brace, and the Gstring attached to the front bow. Easy bolt on application. - $460
34. Runabout M2 mirrors - $220(pending)
35. KGworks rear view mirror - $140
36. jass performance LED sun visor lighted plates. brand new never used. (These plates delete the sun visors and add some very bright lights to the interior) - $40(pending)
37. Zoom engineering LED Amber side winkers. brand new never used - $80
38. Miataroadster Short shifter kit angled/polished- $280(pending)
39. S2 racing zero six bumper. brand new never used - $750
40. Carbon Miata flares. brand new never used - $240
41. Garage vary 06 trunk. brand new never used - $400
42. Garage vary 06 hood brand new never used - $800
43. RS products hazard lights switch - $140
there are a lot of other parts I don't have listed that ill put up for sale eventually as I notice what isn't on here. PM me if theres anything you like that isn't listed. thanks.