NEW Offering: LED Headlights for '65-'89 911's

5 months ago
NEW Offering: LED Headlights for '65-'89 911's
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I recently build of pair of LED headlamps for a customer in Alaska. He was concerned about driving in the Alaskan style darkness and with all of the critters roaming around. I am presently building another set for a customer in German who regularly drives on the Autobahn at night and needs maximum lighting capability. This is going well and I've decided to make LED headlamps a permanent offering.
Before I embarked on this I did a great deal of research and ended up selecting Truck-Lite 27270C LED headlights. They have received uniformly positive reviews, from Ferrari owners to Harley-Davidson owners to truck owners - and many others. They're well made, practically indestructible, yield very bright, clean and white light - and they're reasonably priced. It's possible to spend a lot more on enhanced headlights (one competitor sells their lights for $3,000+ a set) but the Truck-Lites hold their own against even the much more expensive options.
I build these using original Hella buckets, substituting the Truck-Lite LED's for the usual sealed beams. The build is similar to the restoration of SWB U.S. headlights: the refurbished buckets; chrome-plated brass trim rings, adjustment screws and mounting screws; and correct Hella lenses. Here's a picture of the LED headlamps I sent to Alaska:
These are straight-forward plug & play. They don't even require a relay kit due to their low draw. If you have sealed beams or H5's and drive at night you might consider having a pair of these to swap in for the night drives. You will find more information at my website: LED Headlights | Audette Collection: The SWB 911 Light Resource
The cost is $1,190.00. I build them to order and production takes 3-4 weeks. Thanks for looking.

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