Built 914 heads

about 1 year ago
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Charlotte, NC

I've decided to sell my 914 and focus on building a bay bus for the family to enjoy. Recycling the crank, rods, and p/c, but the heads must go. Cam too, but I cannot find the spec sheet right now.
Pair of really nice 1.7 914 49 state heads, "Q" castings. Extensively modified for a 2200CC +, 7000 rpm application. Work performed by Brothers Machine in Ontario, CA.
Stainless 42mm int 38mm exh valves. 56cc combustion chambers. Combustion chambers extensively reworked. spark plugs relocated & unshrouded, filling and recontouring of chambers performed. 3 angle valve job.
Exhaust ports heavily modified. Protruding valve guide & boss removed. This does compromise valve & guide lifespan. 50K mile lifespan in a street application. New studs installed.
Intake ports more conservatively done. Ported to +2mm with taper down to seat.
Dual valve springs, spring pockets cut out, reinforced, and recut. New chromoly retainers. Breather ports tapped & plugged. 8mm rocker shaft studs with timeserts.
Spark plugs relocated to 914 2.0 location. Tapped for 12mm plugs, 18mm atf hex.
These heads would best suit an increased displacement engine. Cam duration of 285 degrees or more and a sufficient CR to match (>9:1), big carbs or ITBs, 1 5/8" or larger exhaust. I spec'ed them to flow adequately for a 2258 @ 7500 rpm.
Asking a little more than a new pair of AMC castings that need to have all their hardware thrown away and everything done over.