1976 Porsche 914 2.0 All original, every record from new, $8k in recent service

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1976 Porsche 914 2.0 All original, every record from new, $8k in recent service
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fuel pump, etc

1976 Porsche 914 2.0- 117k original miles!-$23,995
I have ALWAYS wanted to own a 914 but they were a little before my time. This particular 914 was built when I was just 5 months old! The challenge I have had is that you just dont EVER see original 914s that are correct, well documented and non-abused. Thats the only one to own. Well here is an actual CORRECT 914 2.0 in the flesh
Why have I always wanted one? Being a gear head I always loved the idea of a mid-engine machine where your rear end is a mere 140mm off the pavement and a curb weight of 2,100 pounds! Can you say Go-Kart! Couple that with a sexy and unique shape and Porsche handling and you have a winner! While certainly not fast by todays standards they manage to be fun in a way a modern car simply isnt. Light, direct, elemental, brilliant
This particular 914 is one of the very last ones, being built in November of 1975 with the final 914s rolling off the assembly line in January of 1976. This particular car was sold new at Westwood Porsche Audi in Santa Monica, CA on January 19th 1976. It received its first break in service on February 11th 1976 at Westwood and then the original owner immediately drove the car back to his home in Bellevue, WA. From that point onward it was serviced at Interlake Porsche Audi. Once the car was out of warranty the owner switched his work to the well known and respected Air-cooled experts, Akers in Seattle. The original owner enjoyed the car until July of 1987 when he sold it to another local enthusiast when it had 74,000 miles. This owner loved the car until 1993 and bringing the total miles to just over 104,000 miles. He then sold the car to another local enthusiast and member of the local 914 group. He cherished the car and kept it in immaculate original condition but added just 11,000 miles over the next 21 years. All of this history is detailed in an unbroken set of records from 1976 to current. Where do you EVER find a 914 with a history like that? So many of them were owned by IDIOTS, you know who I am talking about Small Block Chevy conversions, fiberglass flares
Recently the was brought to Chris German Service in Bellevue, WA and they were given an open checkbook (~$7500) to make the car right. They marveled at the condition of the car indicating that it was the nicest, most original 914 they could recall seeing. Here is what they did:
New Battery
Diagnosed vacuum leak
Replaced the muffler with a new Bursch
New wiper motor relay
New Cylinder head temp sensor
Rebuild clock
New speedo cable and angle drive
Oil and Filter
New cap, rotor, plugs, drive belts, valve cover gaskets
4 Brand new tires
Align and suspension set up from Tru-Line in Bellevue
Repaired auxiliary air valve
New fuel injection control unit
New Kenwood head unit with USB and Bluetooth, new door speakers (original radio was removed in 1987, so might as well make it modern)
This 914 is absolutely BRILLIANT to drive. I have driven so many lousy ones that I almost forgot what a good one is like to drive. This 914 idles smoothly, runs to redline without hesitations, shifts beautifully (for a 914 Its not a Honda!), brakes are strong, at the top of the pedal with no pull or pulsation, etc. I drove this car almost 100 miles the other day, I just simply couldnt get enough of it. If you havent ever driven one you owe it to yourself to do so!
Body, Paint and Rust:
If you have ever shopped for a 914 the first word is always RUST. Why? Simply put they were prone to rust and they often didnt get treated with the utmost respect. This car has several things going for it. First, it has ALWAYS been loved. Never neglected, never left outside, never needed restoration Second, it has always lived in the State of Washington. Which means it has never been exposed to salty roads or undesirable weather. (914s didnt last 5 minutes in the Rust Belt). This is the most rust free 914 I have ever seen. Even the dreaded hell hole is primo. Just for fun look at how nice it is in the corners of the front trunk!
The body on the car is likewise laser straight with perfect gaps and doors that shut with the perfect click. All of the trim, lenses, glass, etc is all very nice and sanitary.
The car was delivered in L97A Brillaint Silver Metallic and was refinished it this original shade in 1993. The job was well done, but done in a fashion relative to the value of a 20 year old 914 in 1993, so while very presentable its a local club standard as opposed to a National level and does show some patina of age.
The interior is 100% original and is absolutely immaculate. The dash is flawless as are the seats, carpets, etc. I can scarcely believe nearly 40 years has passed and it has escaped any real wear. What I really marvel at is the original 901 shift knob, stunning! It has a nice set of period correct cocoa mats which look great. Being a late delivery car means that it is heavily optioned (for a 914!) and includes the important appearance package items on the inside including the center console with gauges, leather 380mm steering wheel, and the center cushion cover.
Front Trunk:
The front trunk is exactly what it should be. The paint and all the surfaces are clean and you can tell its never been messed with. Look at how nice all the small stuff is. The original spare is like new.
Rear Trunk:
Like the front trunk, the rear trunk is just so. The jack and small tool kit are present and accounted for and the carpet is in amazing original condition. All the small stuff like the insulation mat under the carpet and the little rubber top hold-downs are present. Its the small stuff that makes a difference!
This 914 comes complete with the original owners manual, VIN matched service book, correct red book cover, all original keys, tool kit, jack and a complete service history from new to current!
If you are looking for a 914, this one is definitely worth considering. Being a 1976 model means that it features all of the improvements made over the running life of the car such as the improved side shifter, 2.0 liter motor, relocated fuel pump, etc. It also features the right options including the appearance group with center console, leather wheel, front and rear sway bars, fog lights and more. It has been loved since new and only serviced by Porsche experts. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better example of one to drive and enjoy!
Please note: If you think you have seen this one before,
I had this listed on Pelican in April 2015 and it sold to a very good local client of mine. He put ~ 300 miles on it and traded it back to me on a 73 911. He has 20+ cars and likes to change often...
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