K24 engine swap kits from KMiata.com

about 2 years ago
K24 engine swap kits from KMiata.com
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Lake Zurich, IL

Hey guys, thanks for having us on board as a new sponsor!
Just a quick intro - my name is David and I'm the founder of KMiata.com. We are the creators of the original Honda K series engine swap for the NA and NB Miatas.
We offer everything you need to bolt in a Honda 2.4L into your chassis. Most customers make 220+whp N/A out of a stock engine with a tune, and we already have customers making 300whp N/A out of this platform.
Our swap retains factory Miata steering geometry, requires no fab work, and the K series is actually lighter than the BP engines. Check out the site for tons more info and in-car footage.
Check out KMiata.com for all details, FAQs, and to configure your own engine swap package. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
We have some exciting new product on the way, so expect to see some updates soon! Until then, here are a few shots of some of our current parts: