1996 Civic CX Hatch Orginial Midori Green

over 3 years ago
1996 Civic CX Hatch Orginial Midori Green
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Lancaster, PA

Name: Nick
Car Location: Lancaster, PA
Price: $8,000 Firm
Optional: Add $200 for re-tune for 93 pump gas
First and foremost, I've had this car since 2010 and I've enjoyed every minute of it. It's not the fastest, cleanest, or most recognized Civic in the world, but it has been very well kept, and maintained over the years. I bought this car from a fellow HT member in TN. Since I've had it, I've made some changes to the car. I do not NEED to sell, just more-so seeing if there is interest. This car was built with Auto-X in mind. It's a quick, agile car. All parts listed have less than 4,000 miles on them!
Car Details:
1996 Honda Civic CX, no A/C, P/S, CC, air bags or bottle for washer fluid, no rear wiper (CX model didnt have one). Body has around 200k miles on it, original OEM paint. The door handles, side skirts and molding were sprayed to match by previous owner. Car weight = 2140 lbs. Overall in GREAT condition! Clean title in hand. Wheel wells were recently re-coated with a rubberized sealant. I'm sure I forgot a few things, but feel free to ask questions.
- B18B Block
- Micropolished LS crank
- RS Machine Type-R Pistons
- ACL Race bearings
- B16 head:
- 3 Angle valve job
- OEM valves
- Supertech dual valve springs with crower retainers
- Eagle Head studs
- Toda Spec C cams
- Toda Cam gears
- PLM v2 header
- 3 KTeller aluminized steel exhaust (no cat, 1 res, oval muffler with custom 3 turndown tip)
- 3 intake with BLOX velocity stack & filter
- 70mm Omni Power throttle body
- Port matched 70mm Professional Products (AEBS) intake manifold
- Modified RSX type s injectors running at 50% duty cycle
- Walbro 255lph fuel pump
- LSD USDM Type-R transmission bought new from dealership
- Competition Clutch Stage 4 clutch w/ ACT lightened weight flywheel.
- P28 ECU with adapter cable(OBD-1)
- Tuned on E-85 with Neptune by DRob @ Innovative Motorworks in Carlise, PA
- Shift light @ 8650 RPM - Rev Limiter at 9k RPM TPS adjustable launch control
- 210whp/140wtq
Interior / Exterior:
- Momo Mod 78 Suede steering wheel (yes the horn works)
- NRG V2.0 quick release w/ Momo hub adapter
- Integra Front seats
- Short shifter with black and yellow stitched boot / Blox weighted shift ****
- Radio delete
- All speakers deleted
- Custom door panel arm rests (black CF vinyl with yellow stitching)
- 5 Panel panoramic mirror
- Gutted rear interior (still have rear seats and hatch interior plastic panels)
- VIS Carbon fiber duck bill
- OEM Si-R front lip
- OEM Mud flaps front & rear
- PWJDM CF Block off Tray for Passenger side Air Bag
- Spoon replica side view mirrors
Suspension/Brakes & Wheels/Tires
- Progress CS-II Coil over suspension
Front ride height was set to 11.8/11.7in, rear is 12.6/12.7in.
front camber set to -2.6/-2.5*, rear camber set to -2.1/2.0*
Total toe front: -0.06*, total toe rear: 0.16*
Corner balanced. Aligned by RT Tuning in Lansdale, PA
- ASR 32mm Rear sway bar
- ASR rear sub frame brace
- Blox Front & rear camber kit
- Blox rear toe kit
- OEM 2000 Civic Si front sway bar (26mm) + OEM Si front LCAs
- Hard Race rear trailing arm bushings
- Hard Race rear Lower Control Arms
- Hard Race front compliance bushing set
- Hard Race Front sway Bar bushings
- Hard Race Roller Center Adjusters (extended lower ball joints)
- Hard Race front sway bar end links
- Integra LS rear disc swap
- Rear Rotors and pad
EBC yellow stuff / EBC blanks
- Power Slot slotted front rotors w/ EBC yellow stuff pads,
- EX capliers/knuckles with new bearings
- Stop-Tech Stainless Steel brake lines (front & rear)
- ARP Wheel studs on all 4 hubs
- Enkei RPF-1 wheels 15x7 +41 (9.5 lbs each)
- Yokohama S-Drive Tires
$8000 Firm