/ PRICED TO SELL 93 EG hatchback Green Machine. Floor Mount.

over 3 years ago
FS/ PRICED TO SELL 93 EG hatchback Green Machine. Floor Mount.
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Dodgin Cops all Round Ana-Crime to Orange & Sd

93 hatchback CX
salvage title, minor bumper hit.
5200.00 is For everything included here. Nothing will be parted or removed.
150k on chassis.
NO Trades or anything just cash.
Registered: NON-OP
located in Orange, ca
TEXT ME ANYTIME 714 - 883 58 Three TWO -Eli
TO call, text me first make sure im availble.
Been Building this car for years literally i think 5, and i just cant have this anymore so here it is up for grabs, its basically
complete does need a few things, but majority of it is complete. ill list what it needs and what it comes with in detail.
PLease read everything before asking anything, ill try to list everything.
NOTE*** Please do NOT ask me to Part with Anything i will not part a single item.
ALSO do not ask me questions on helping You do a floor mount set up and how i did it, please dont waste my time.
ALSO do not ask me about the calipers. Basically if its not about possibly purchasing the car please do not waste my time with
anything else. I do not have a lot of time to waste or care to talk about anything but selling this car. Thank You.
fully shaved and painted.
Painted Lexus: Desert Sage Green metallic, w/ cut and polish basically flawless.
Exterior Parts : Chargespeed fenders.
-Fenders are being held down by ARP 12pt fastners, most of the car has ARP fastners all around.
-Backup fenders -Honda Oem fenders painted same color, not the same day.
-Backup Carbon fiber Hood Painted same color, not the same day either.
-FRONT and Quarter panel windows have brand new molding, and front glass is new.
-Roof strip molding is also new.
-Painless kill switch. (not set up yet)
-JDM headlights
_Jdm Stanely Clear Corners
-CF Duckbill
-OEM MUdflaps, not mounted, will include.
-NOTE Rear bumper does have a hole cut out for custom exhaust i was gonna run i have the piece tho, you can block it off if you choose
not to run what i planned to do.
Floor mount:
All new: discountinued Tilton 72-642A and Tilton bias bar adjuster, with a Joes throttle pedal.Throttle cable not set up couldnt decide
how i wanted to do it so i left it out, very easy stuff though.
The floor mount pedal system is completly plumbed with steel braided lines from masters to calipers, EVERYTHING has been switched to steel braided no hardlines.
Master cylinders are sized for the RL calipers and Gsr Rears so everything is already set up. No Fluid in system due to the fact that
you need 16" rims so no fluid in the system, but like mentioned its all plumbed and ready to go. You will need to adjust the bias
bar, but it should be near the middle.
Brakes Parts List.
pedal box: til 72-642a
bias bar : tilton
Bias bar remote adjuster: Tilton GDR72-508
Master cylinders are TIlton
5/8 clutch
7/10 rear
3/4 front
all Earls fittings out.
RL Calipers are repainted and Rebuilt, with RSX re Drilled 11.75" slotted rotors. Zero miles everything is new
Rear: GSR disc brakes with slotted discs all new.
FRONT & Rear : STOP TECH Steel braided lines. Which is then connected to another steel braided line that connects to inside master cylinders.
-PAINLESS WIRING switch panel, with a plug connect for easy removal of dash.
switch panel is wired. 1 switch is avialble for anything you want.
-Fastline OG shifter w/ buddy club ball
-OEM cluster its not shown but its just a stock cluster nothing special.
-Fuse box is inside cab everything is wired and ready, with headlight wire tuck, and engine harness tuck.
-Driver side Buddyclub Low profile seat rail.
-SKunk 2 upper control arms basically new.
-DX knuckles with adapter for caliper.
-OEM L&R outter tie rod, new.
-BUDDYCLUB extended lower Ball Joint.
-Think its a Typer R front sway im not sure but it has a front sway.
**Coilovers are trash need new coilovers just there for transportation.
ASR Rear subframe and 22mm sway bar.
HARDRACE: Trailing ARM bushing
BLackWORKS: Rear Toe Adjuster.
BuddyClub Rear Camber adjuster.
Drivers & Passenger
Door Outter door molding.
Driver side Door B pillar molding.
Driver & Passenger side skirts.
FUel lines
front 25mm spacer to clear calipers
As far as cosmetics and fuel lines basically all you need besides the obvious things like an engine and rims.
b18c1 with weld on -20 coolant water necks, and have one for raditor.
-10 breathers on valve cover.
Remote oil filter base.
b16 tranny.
outside w/ chargespeed fenders:
RL calipers, rsx slotted 11.75 rotor, Stop tech SS lines and earls custom made line connecting to that to inside cabin to master.
Extra OEM Fenders, CF HOOD.
inside cabin
Rear :
BUddyCLub extended ball joints/ knuckle very dirty in this pic, just installed.