Some things are cooler than $$$

about 2 years ago
Some things are cooler than $$$
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Hudson Valley, New York

So last week I had a call from a Lamborghini dealer who needed a part for a 60 Roadster. It was a weird obscure part and not easy to get off so I passed him onto someone else. He called back and said no one had the part, but that he would drive up from NJ and pull it off himself, apparently the Roadster belonged to the owner of the dealership so it was very important. I figured I should step in and I pulled the part and sent it to him, no charge. How do you price a strange bracket anyway. Well, Karma came back today in the form of a box full of Lambo coolness. I would probably never go out and buy a Lambo coffee mug and I doubt Matt would pick up a Lambo shirt but we are both enjoying both. Somethings are cooler than money, Lambo swag is one of them.
Quiz question, what is the bracket?