WTT: 2011 Red 4dr GTI 42k miles, APR Stage 1 / Carbonio Intake, Adult Owned, NNJ

about 3 years ago
WTT: 2011 Red 4dr GTI 42k miles, APR Stage 1 / Carbonio Intake, Adult Owned, NNJ
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Due to a chronic back condition I'm seeking a relatively even trade of my single-owner 2011 GTI for something... more comfortable. "More comfortable" is designated as a mid-size/semi-luxury sedan that's easy to get in and out of and has a seat with adjustable lumbar support. Seat must be wider and less bolstered than an MK5/6 Golf, GTI, Jetta, for comparison. "Relatively even trade" means something with a KBB value of approximately $16,500. The trade could possibly go a couple thousand dollars in either direction.
First, let's get the bad out of the way about the GTI. I'd want to know these things first and am a full-disclosure type of guy, so here they are:
The Bad:
1. 40k maintenance is due
2. Tires are in good condition but nearing end of life. There's certainly plenty of dry grip left in them and the sidewalls are good, but in rain and snow, take it easy and avoid, respectively
3. There's a dime size ding on the driver's side rear door. Two different PDR guys said it's an easy fix based on size and location
4. Driver's door suffered a freak wind accident. The door was flung open by the wind and had to be realigned under insurance. May show up on Carfax. Not sure. There's no wind noise from inside the car but close inspection of the hinged end reveals a slight height difference between the door and the front fender. It's pretty unnoticeable unless you're looking for it IMHO
5. Both passenger wheels are curbed
I'm sorry. I hate curbed wheels too
The Good:
1. Adult driven, non-abused vehicle with 90% highway miles. It's basically been driven like a grandpa
2. There's nothing broken or in need of repair
2. APR Valet, Stock, 93
3. Carbonio intake
4. Includes set of 16" steelies with Dunlop SP Winter Sports 3D tires with about 6000 miles on them
5. Water pump changed under warranty
6. All oil changes done much closer to 5K not 10K
7. Miles should not climb too much if traded soon as I'm out of work on disability and not driving the car daily
The Trade:
1. Something along the lines of an Accord, Camry, Lexus E300/E350. These are just a loose guideline. Show me what you've got but please understand I'm probably not going to be interested in sub-compacts unless they meet the comfort criteria stated above and are top of the model's line (heated seats, electronic lumbar support, etc.)
2. Preferably 3. No dealers
4. Get's approximately 20/30 MPG
5. Preferably one-owner and adult owned
6. No major accidents. I plan on pulling my Carfax for serious buyers so please have one too
7. Non-smoker a must
8. Interior and exterior should be in equal or better condition as mine. Everything works and no more than a ding or two
9. Vehicle must be paid off. Not interested in taking over a loan
10. 2008 or newer with Bluetooth
I'm seeking serious inquiries only. Please don't clutter this post with nonsense. I have no patience for it. My back hurts too much to deal with . No joyrides whatsoever. I'll drive the car out to the nearby highway and give you an idea of what APR 93 is like if that's a concern, and you can drive it back in a very civil manner.
Best method to get a quick response will be to PM me with as much information about your trade as possible. Please include pics. I'll be very responsive to your questions and concerns as long as you are too.
Here's the GTI. I know these aren't best shots and if you want more I'll do my best to post/send them.
Let's hope we can get you in this GTI and I get in your more comfy ride sooner than later.
Door Ding. Not great pic of it but it's detectable in center of image: