V8 LS2 1996 M Edition

about 3 years ago
V8 LS2 1996 M Edition
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My 1996 Velocity Red M Miata has been a tremendous source of joy for me and my family over the past 8 years
but we have come to terms with the decision
to sell it.
My approach to this project has been to not cut corners but rather to do it right costs aside.
My goal was to look at all aspects of the car beyond just a drive train change.
For me that meant upgrading
virtually every aspect of the car to include interior, exterior, engine and drivetrain as well as brakes and suspension.
I have always loved the Miata and wanted to keep the best aspects of it but add touches here and there that provided additional performance & style.
The following link https://miatav8.wordpress.com will connect you to the particulars of the car in addition to a lot of photos.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have at Sutol1miata@gmail.com.
Price set at $38,880 US and is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
There are so many details that I could not list but the following will give you a great overview.
Chassis New
The car is a 1996 M edition that was purchased from Tennessee with 58,000 Miles on the odometer. The car has had two owners prior to me.
The first owner had the car for 1 year and turned it back in from the lease as the car was too small.
The second owner (the one I purchased it from) had this car as part of his fleet of 7 cars.
It was purchased for his wife as a second toy for her to drive.
The reason for the sale by the previous owner was that he was selling the Miata as well as his lotus 7
to fund the purchase of a vintage 350 mustang.
When I purchased the car the body was in outstanding condition with zero rust on any panel or the undercarriage.
Even the exhaust system came off easily without any effort given the condition of the bolts.
The owner told me he rarely drove the car even in the rain as it was just a toy car.one of many they had so it always saw fair weather.