Highly modified turbo 2006 ST Lotus Exige

about 5 years ago
FS: Highly modified turbo 2006 ST Lotus Exige
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I am selling my 2006 Storm Titanium Exige. It currently has 38xxx miles on it. I am the third owner.
VIN: SCCPC11196HL82718
Clear title. No accidents. Clean Carfax (have it upon request).
There is a lot in this post but I want any interested buyers to see the time and effort I?ve put into taking care of this car.
I have owned the car for a little over 2 years now and have only put about 3 thousand miles on it. It has never been tracked by any of its owners, has seen light rain only once while I have owned it, and quite frankly I drive it like a grandma most of the time, hence why I am considering selling it. It deserves to be driven by someone the way these cars are meant to be driven (also I have my eyes on a GTR or Aston Martin). If you are looking to get into a well put-together modified example, this car is for you. All of the hard, expensive, and time-consuming work has been taken care of. The extensive list of modifications includes:
-Custom reflash by Charlie-X/Jermaine of Vision Function. This tune is spot-on, and I even flew Jermaine down last spring to tweak it a little bit more. Please note for those of you who require vehicle inspection that THIS CAR STILL MAINTAINS ALL OBD-II FUNCTIONALITY. No standalone system. No piggyback. No having to switch ECUs come inspection time. Simply drive up, get your sticker, and be on your way.
-Engine has been sleeved, decked, and line-honed.
-ARP Hardware
-Wiseco Forged 8.8:1 pistons
-MWR enlarged valves, springs, and retainers
-RC 550cc injectors
-Walbro 255lph Pump
-CircuitWorx Oil Pump
-Moroso Oil Pan
-Sector111 TRACKmounts
-GT-28RS Turbocharger running approx. 16 psi
-Spearco A/A Intercooler
-GReddy Aluminum Oil Catch-can
-Turbosmart 25mm Dual BOV
-CC Stage 2 Clutch & Fidanza ceramic Flywheel with custom clutch block that shorten clutch pedal depression (makes for easy and lightning-fast shifting)
-Custom intake
-Custom JETHOT coated exhaust with sport catalytic converter intact
-Carbon Fiber Access Panels
-Carbon Fiber Scoops
-Sector 111 Five-Element Rear Diffuser
-Sector 111 Rear-Panel Delete
-APR Carbon Fiber Front Splitter w/ brace
-Sector111 discNOIR Brake System w/ SS lines
-Sector111 RTDbrace
-Sector111 Towhook
-3M rockguard wrap
-Blacked-out Lotus Emblem
-HID lights
-Alpine CD/MP3/iPod Unit w/ MBQuart Speakers
-Carbon Fiber Binnacle
-Schroth 4-point ASM Harness
-Carbon Fiber Shifter
-Sector111 Shift Linkage Brace
-Autometer Boost, A/F, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure Gauges
-BWR Gauge Pod
-Sector111 microMIRROR
The associated costs with these modifications included on this car top $30k alone. I have all invoices for those that are interested.
No expense was spared in the build of this car. The engine was sent directly to Darton to have the engine work performed. The turbo kit is based off of the Forced Fed kit, taking advantage of all of the hard parts, and was installed at Dyno-Comp in Arizona, which is one of the top tuner shops in the nation. Additional tuning, maintenance, new turbo installation, new clutch installation, etc., was performed at Autoscope Park Cities and SCW here in Dallas.
While the car itself sees 38xxx miles on the frame, the engine build was performed just 7,500 miles ago. The new turbo has less than 1,000 miles on it. The clutch is brand new and has less than 250 miles on it. You are essentially looking at a like-new powertrain. Recent engine analysis came back perfect. Great compression across all cylinders. No misfires. No leaks. Just a like-new engine that is ready to see some action. The engine is essentially bullet-proof. For those of you who decide to up the boost/go with a bigger turbo/or switch to an insane supercharger kit, the engine work is already done.
New custom intake was completed just a few months ago along with a higher-flow specialized K&N air filter. Additional heat wrap has recently been applied to hoses near the turbo just to be safe. Rear tires have about 700 gently-driven miles on them and front tires are brand new. Alignment was a couple of months ago. Brand new battery.
As of right now on an extremely conservative tune the car produces approximately 270 whp and 230 ft-lb torque at the wheels. It is capable of more than that, but concerns of transmission longevity stopped me from pushing for more. With the power it already has it is very quick. I would estimate 0-60 times in the mid 3-second range. For street driving you could probably get away with more power, but I was just being cautious. However, if dreams of 300++ whp and gobs of torque interest you, a few simple dyno pulls and some tweaks to the ECU is all that you need!
The Bad
I am trying my hardest not to ?hide? anything from prospective buyers. While none of these are really a big deal, I think they should still be noted up-front.
There is a CEL for the post-cat O2 sensor. Basically, my ?sport catalytic converter? is a bit too much ?sport? and not enough ?catalytic converter? . I have a 90-degree elbow that screws onto the post-cat O2 sensor that will take care of this code. This will be included in the sale of the car. All you have to do is drop the exhaust and screw this elbow on and it will remove this code. Removing the exhaust is extremely easy as it is modular and simply attached by v-band clamps. Probably a 30 minute job. I just haven?t got around to installing the elbow because I have a low-mileage waiver on the car and did not need to clear the code to get my tags.
Occasionally, while coming to a hard stop in neutral, the car will drop too low in RPMs and stall out. This, too, is a common problem on Exiges/Elises (do a search on it). Also, this only happens when going into neutral and not applying any gas while decelerating, and even then I would say it happens maybe once every 1000 stops. If you rev-match at all or even blip the throttle this never happens.
I only have one key. The previous owner lost the second key and I never got around to making a new one since I am the only driver.
The calipers were painted red by the previous owner and they could use a refresh on the paint as it has chipped some. Another extremely easy job for those that are picky about it.
The passenger turn signal light enclosure's tab is broken (extremely common). There are a plethora of ways people address this such as bungie cords, mounting a metal bracket, etc. I personally have it suspended with some with some well-placed tape on the plastic that keeps it in place. It is actually quite nice as it is easy to remove to check the channels near the radiator for potential leaks.
The passenger side roof liner has began to droop some. Again...a very common problem. This can be easily corrected with spray adhesive.
Beyond that, there are just a few small scrapes under the splitter/diffuser, but nothing that can be seen unless you are right up on it and looking underneath. Paint is like-new. Nearly all of the issues could easily be corrected over a weekend by someone if they so desired. I guess they just never really bothered me enough to worry about them haha.
Asking price is $41.5k.
If you have any questions or have any picture requests feel free to PM me!