IL: 93 Mazda RX7 VVTI 1JZ Swap, Advans, Cusco

almost 5 years ago
IL: 93 Mazda RX7 VVTI 1JZ Swap, Advans, Cusco
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Hey guys, I figured I would post this up here to see if anyone was interested. Since I am considering getting an 08+ STI in the future, I figured I might as well see if anyone was up for a trade. I can add cash if need be. Thanks for looking!
1993 Mazda RX-7 Touring
Originally Silver on Black
Approx 95k miles on body
1JZ came with the usual ?aprox 35k miles? like most Japanese import swaps, however I actually believe it with this motor. Cams and head were still bright silver. No orange or brown discoloration. Very clean!
Approx 600 miles on all aftermarket parts and paint.
1JZGTE VVTI from Chaser (JZX100)
R154 5 speed Transmission
Custom Driveshaft
Custom Subframe
Custom Short Throw Shifter
Custom A/C
Custom Power Steering Lines
All hard lines Zinc Plated to look OEM
Spec Stage III Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel
Hybrid Front Mount Intercooler
Custom Intercooler Piping with Titanium Cold Pipe
HKS HiPower Exhaust
Custom 3? Stainless Downpipe with Wideband O2 Bung
AEM Cone Air Filter
Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit Wiring Harness
Anderson Connector (forklift style) mounted in front bumper for easy jump/charge
Odyssey Battery mounted in storage bin
Cusco Zero 2 Coilovers
Cusco Sway Bars
Cusco Trailing Arms
Cusco Titanium STB
Hinson Bump Steer Kit
?Advan RGII Wheels
18x9 +29
18x10 +35
Falken Azenis RT-615 Tires
Ferrari Grigio Silverstone Metallic Paint (PPG)
REAL KD-I Type II Burnout Front Bumper (*funny story surrounding this)
REAL KD-I Type II Burnout Rear Bumper
REAL KD-I Type II Burnout Sideskirts
OEM 99 Spec JDM Bumper Lights (Brand New)
99 Spec JDM Wheel (Used but like new)
Blox Shift Knob
Defi Guages
FlyRX7 Triple Gauge Pod
Sony CD Player with Bluetooth
Trunk Converted from Touring Bose System to Base/R1
Rear Speakers Converted from Map Pockets
AEM Wideband O2 Sensor and Gauge (Not Installed)
This is one of the cleanest JZ swaps that you will find. All work was professionally done and is made to look as close to OEM as possible. The OEM hood and firewall remain intact as the engine is positioned as low and back as possible. The steering rack was lowered slightly, however the bump steer kit does a great job of restoring the OEM geometry. I haven?t had any issues with wild behavior during suspension travel. Because of the VVTI, the engine makes EXCELLENT torque at low rpms and pulls all the way to redline. There is nearly no lag; the car is a blast to drive and sounds wicked! I love this car, however I don?t have time to enjoy it anymore.
Paint Job: The car was stripped down bare metal, epoxy primed, then primed and blocked 4 or 5 times. Not a scuff and spray job.
*Burnout Body Kit: I originally purchased one of the Shine Auto copy kits but the ?hybrid? material that it was made from was not for me. So, I sent the kit back to Shine and let them know that I was going to purchase the real deal from Japan. Long story short, I worked out a deal and I got their original kit that they used to make the molds. So everyone that has a Shine Burnout kit has a direct copy of this kit!
Known issues:
-The blow off valve. It's so freaking loud. Like, if it blows off at the right pressure it makes my left ear ring... I also should have recirculated it. Being that its a MAF car it doesn't idle well after blowing off gobs of metered air. Could be easily fixed with an SAFC, ECU, or recirculating it.
-Occasionally the car suffers from the JZ starter heatsoak issue. Since the battery is far away from it there is a voltage drop when its hot. On really hot days it will act up after it sits for a while.
Otherwise it runs like hell.
Asking $24,750 OBO
Would consider trades for/towards: 08+ STI, 10+ WRX, GTI, NSX, Lotus Elise, M3, and Air Cooled 911s.
Thanks for looking!
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