1994 Miata

about 1 year ago
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Waynesboro, VA

With the impending birth of my son, I am re-prioritizing some car choices and having 3 Miata track cars is probably a little excessive and I'd like to get something "fun" I can put a stroller in the back of.
This car was being built as a fun autocross, time trial car, but has yet to be tracked.
Between this and my 2003 Miata I have for sale too, that leaves me with a reasonable 3 Miata's left.
1994 Mazda Miata, 111k, originally red, currently wrapped in black (was going to graphics over it to match my Spec Miata)
Hard top and soft top in good condition.
Also has AC.
There is a little rust in the lower rocker panels.
Torsen limited slip differential
Hard dog hardcore roll bar
Tein coilovers
Racing Beat intake
Racing beat cat back exhaust
Does not come with the 949 wheels in the pictures, it will come with stock NB Miata wheels with good tires.
When purchased last March and before the wrap (because everyone assumes cars that are wrapped had poor paint to start with):