2001 Miata SE w/ Hardtop

about 1 year ago
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Scottsdale, AZ

2001 BRG SE located in Scottsdale, AZ
94,000 Miles
Hardtop is from a 91 BRG (no defroster)
The top has some wear and tear, gas a v shaped scratch on top about the length of a hand. Overall it looks pretty good and matches the cars paint pretty well.
Car has normal wear for a 16 year old car, a couple small dings, rock chips on front bumper and hood, I believe the previous owners used this car on the highway a lot.
Driver seat has a tear in the seat part, the back part is fine but the part where your butt goes has a gash in the upholstery, but the foam is in tact and just fine. I usually sit on a towel when I drive cause leather is hot in the summer, so I dont even notice its there.
Ive owned this car since April 1, 2016 and I believe that I am the third owner, the car has been in New Mexico and Arizona its whole life so no rust issues here.
AC/Heat works
Radio is a Sony with aux input (I also have the original Bose in a box that I will include with the car).
I also have the original window sticker that was on the car at the dealer at time of purchase, a brochure from Mazda highlighting the 2001 SE, as well as a little plexiglass cube with a tiny miata trapped inside waiting to be set free, as well as a keychain exclusive to the SE. basically all of the goodies the car came with from new are still with the car ready to be added to your awesome collection of Miata coolness!
Routine maintenance has been performed on the car since Ive owned it, and from what I could tell the gentleman who owned the car before me cared for it well. The TB and WP were replaced at 90,000 so youre good for awhile, I also replaced the Cam Sensor was recently replaced as well.
All in all, this is a nice little car and I love it, but times are changing for me and my family may be getting bigger soon, so its time for me to part with both of my beloved Miatas and get something called a sedan.
Ill be happy to answer any questions you have.
Thank you.