NY: 1999 Altima Great shape excellent DD Snow tires on rims

almost 6 years ago
NY: 1999 Altima Great shape excellent DD Snow tires on rims
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My girlfriend just bought a 2012 mazda 3, so this needs to go! It's actually in excellent shape for 160,xxx miles with minimal body rust (A few small spots the size of a quarter which can been seen in the below pictures on the rocker panel). The engine and trans are still great and have been impeccably maintained. The oil has been changed every 3,000 miles with Mobil 1 synthetic. I just put some Bose speakers in it for her a few months ago. Brakes have just been serviced a few weeks ago. Comes with two snow tires on steelies. Interior is very clean. The car is super reliable. for the two years she's had it, it hasn't given us ANY issues. The thing always starts, every day, no questions asked. Here are a few pictures. Email me for more pictures if you'd like nikkic240@gmail.comPrice is $1800 OBO

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